There are still places available for the 2023 RPRA One Loft Race, and we have a number of ways that you can enter:

  • Come and visit us in the Ballroom at the Blackpool Show, where you will be able to book your place;
  • Send in the postal entry form;
  • Enter online below.

With a 1st prize of £35000 to the winner of the final race, £10000 in prize money across the 4 hotspot races, and £8000 going to the winner of the ace pigeon competition, there has never been a better time to enter into the UK’s most successful one loft race.

The entry fee is £125 per pigeon and this will enter the pigeon into all competitions. The prize pot is based on a full entry of 1500 pigeons.

You may enter up to a maximum of 5 birds initially, and there may be extra available spaces which will soon be allocated or offered. The maximum capacity of the loft for the 2023 season will be 1,500 pigeons.

When entering through the online form, once you receive email acknowledgement of your application, please go to the RPRA web shop and pay the initial deposit (£50.00 per bird). N.B. At the payment stage, to complete payment press the white tick in the black circle next to the blue ‘Make payment’ wording. You may also wish to make the final payment (£75.00 per bird) at the same time, but this is not due until 1st February. The reserve list will be activated on 14th February, should full payment not be received by the due date.

You may choose to apply on the postal entry form – whichever way you apply, the One Loft team will endeavour to send out confirmation of whether your application is successful or not within five working days, either via email or post, depending on the volume of applications. Please only contact us after five working days to check if you are successful, to allow us time to concentrate on processing the applications.