Monday 3rd August: Ashbourne 70 miles, 613 yards

Jeremy released the 946 birds at 8.40am into a fresh WNW wind.

The first birds arrived back at just after 10.00am, and well over 300 were back by 10.30am. The top 10 result is as follows:

Click on the image to see the full result on the Benzing Live site, and click the following link for the HS1 Pools & Prize Results.

Hot Spot 1 Schools Result

NameRing No.Race PosSchool Pos School Prize 
Gypsy Quay 2GB20L01896961 £100.00
Orchard Vale SchoolGB20B579192772 £50.00
Peel Hall PrimaryGB20H132522903 £30.00
Bright SparkGB20Z495064094 £20.00
Peel Hall PrimaryGB20B345204605 
Hanging Heaton SchoolGB20R043784626 
Frizy FlierGB20F209244887 
Diggle SchoolGB20Z593895168 
St Andrews School MaghullGB20P258735289 
Total £200.00