The Final Race took place on Saturday 19th September, from Alnwick, Northumberland, a distance of 235 miles 898 yards.

The 573 birds were liberated at 9.00am into a very light ENE wind, turning fresh en route; sunny with high broken cloud. They cleared very well:

The first birds arrived back at just before 1.00pm, and the top 10 result is below.

Click on the image to see the full result on the Benzing Live site, and click the following link for the Final Race Pools and Prize Results.

Here are the final Ace Pigeon rankings and 2 Bird Average rankings.

School Result:  Alnwick
NameRing No.Race PosRace Prize School Pos   School Prize   Total Prize
Frizy FlierGB20F2092465£501 £700£750
BuzzbeeGB20Z4950584£502 £400£450
Peel Hall PrimaryGB20H132521893 £350£350
St Andrews School MaghullGB20P258733044 £250£250
Diggle SchoolGB20Z593893215 £200£200
B.A.P.S BirdieGB20H260683276 £100£100
  Total   £2,100

Our congratulations to all of the prize winners!