Tuesday 9th August – Nantwich, 73 miles 481 yards

938 birds liberated at 7.15am by Jeremy Davies. See the video here.

Birds arrived home well, with the first back at 8.30am, witnessed by RPRA General Manager, Stewart Wardrop. Over 700 were back by 8.45am.

The first 10 home were:

HS1 list













Here is the pedigree of the winner, GB16 Z58876, by Premier Stud:

GB16Z58876 pedigree

Below are the runners-up, B Ford & Sons, aka Rowan’s Rockets. L-R are Garry Ford, Brian Ford, Rowan Ford and Wayne Ford. The pigeon is the best of Heremans-Ceusters and a grandson of Den-Euro. “Our syndicate consists of: Garry, who started it all 30 years ago, at the age of 13 years; Wayne, who is Garry’s brother; their father Brian; and Wayne’s son Rowan. The syndicate is named after the youngest member, Rowan. During the 30 years we have never missed a year racing. We have had some successes in one loft races but you have to be in it to win it.”