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Hotspot 3 winner, Terry Slattery: “My dad and I entered five birds in the One Loft Race, four for us and one for Peel Park School. We are from Accrington in Lancashire, most people have heard of Accrington due to Accrington Stanley and the milk advert. We have had pigeons all our lives, myself becoming a pensioner in four weeks and my father who is 86, (the one on the right).

I have entered a young bird in the One Loft Race for Peel Park School since it started and in the first year we were lucky enough to win a Hot spot prize and money for the school, the second year winning a Hot Spot position and money for the school. In 2009 the school pigeon named Sparkle by the children came home third being beaten by seconds but still managed to win over £5,000. The three trophies have pride of place in the school. This year unfortunately the school pigeon was lost early doors. So my dad & I have been lucky this year winning the 3rd Hot Spot Race with a bird bred from a Frans de-Meyer and Flor Engle cross. I was lucky enough to obtain the original birds from some good friends John and Jason Hulse from Wolverhampton, who got the birds direct and who set the Midlands on fire. The Sire was raced by my dad wining four 1sts and 4 2nds and many minor cards. I persuaded my dad to let me put him to stock as I breed all the birds for myself and my dad. The dam is from a Flor Engle cock, which won 10 1st prizes, 1st Wolverhampton Fed 4492 birds, 1st Wolverhampton Fed 4752 birds, 2nd Wolverhampton Fed 5537 bird, 6th 2919 birds, 10th 4671 birds, 10th 2781 birds. He is the Sire of over five different 1st prize winners for John and Jason before I obtained him.

Thank you for letting me give you some information and the best of luck to all fanciers for the remaining races.”