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A full report on the race, including images of the various winners, is here.

Winners of the Final Race: Hulse Bros (Steve and Glyn Hulse), Winsford, Cheshire.

“Not being able to have pigeons where I live, we¬†purchase a few stock birds to enter in one loft races, to keep an interest in the sport. Pigeons have been in the family for over 60 years on and off, with my late father Percy and his father Harold both good fliers and judges in the 1950’s- 70’s. Harold was loft manager to Howard Cornes in Manchester, who had his lofts at New Road, Winsford, and flew well in the Manchester Feds and Nationals.

This is our 4th year in the competition, and needless to say our best result to date. We would like to thank the RPRA, and Jeremy especially, for all the hard work and organisation in making this – in our opinion – the premier one loft race in the UK.”

Yours in sport,
Steve Hulse