The winning bird is a Patrick Van Den Abbeel of Lebbeke ( No relation to Gabby Van Den Abbeel). Andy & Debbie Gregson were watching top performances Belguim 2011 on PIPA website, when Patrick came to their attention 54x1st 2011 (Phenomenal results every week).Patrick only races up to 200miles but his father races up to 400+ miles but feeds alot heavier.

Andy & Debbie Gregson managed to get his email address and telephone number, they rang and emailed him, unfortunately he was not commercial and did not sell any of his birds- they were kept for him and his father. they then called Bernard Deweerdt, who knew him, and in August 2011 he had 24 young birds ready for them.

In 2012, Andy & Debbie Gregson saw them breed club, fed and open winners, one young bird had two 1st feds for Mick French at Blackpool ( Before being put to stock).

Andy & Debbie Gregson would like to say a big thanks to Bernard Deweerdt for helping  to get these birds, also thanks to Jeremy and staff for having him in top condition to fly 15 hours 7mins ( only bird on day) and finally a big thanks to everyone who has rung, text and emailed them.

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