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Congratulations to Phill Bond- Hot Spot 1 winner! 

Phil Bond

Phill Bond-

Due to work commitments I am unable to participate too much in club racing , therefore ONE LOFT RACING suits my needs, it also provides everyone with a level playing field.

I have obtained what I believe to be some of the very best pigeons to form my breeding stock , i.e two DK CHECK cocks (nest mates) bred by the late DALE NEWCOMBE from his famous KARDALE STYLE lines.

I crossed one of these cocks to a hen purchased at a one loft sale , she is a SYNDICATE LOFT bird, bred directly from BLUE DIAMOND (who was bred directly from the legendary SISSY)  X BLUE SPIRIT (full sister to WITTENBUIK); this cross worked perfectly for me.

Next I purchased a hen named LADY ORLANDO, daughter of HANNIBAL who is the son to the world famous KANNIBAL, I paired her to the  second cock.

Now these are the whole foundation of my GRIBBLES CHOICE stock, and with these birds I have had great success in the ONE LOFT RACES.

1st RPRA winning £20,000 plus pools. I have also had 1st position, 3rd hotspot SOUTH AFRICA MILLION DOLLAR RACE, winning a brand new motorcar plus $5,000 the following year the same race in SOUTH AFRICA I won from the same breeding lines 1st united kingdom PRIZE MONEY $5,000, plus several top prizes in most ONE LOFT RACES that I have entered including 2nd two bird averages in the RPRA youngbird 2013.

Now I have crossed two more birds, a cock bought at a ONE LOFT sale bred by MR MIKE MILLER & SON, Swansea S.Wales, also a further hen purchased from SYNDICATE LOFTS, these were carefully introduced to my existing stock and have proven their worth by breeding GB13N45617 AND GB13N45615   winning 11th and 16th position in the final youngbird RPRA race, I have also won 1st hotspot yearling race RPRA with the one of the same birds .

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank JEREMY DAVIES and the one loft management team for their dedication to our sport, without people like these it wouldn’t be possible.

FINAL WORDS    my friends tell me I have more JAM THAN HARTLEYS .



ID Name Ring No. Hotspot Pos. School  Pos. Prize
20 Rangeworthy School GB13S49894 22 1 £50.00
16 Willow Green Academy GB13P33710 64 2 £30.00
8 Professor Hastings GB13Z28400 65 3 £20.00
398 Rishton Methodist GB13H17909 96 4
14 St Charles Primary School GB13H18153 136 5
442 Beckstone Primary GB13H15006 141 6
Total £100.00