UPDATE 21/05

May 21st, 2024

Good afternoon everyone,

Firstly apologies for the lack of communication, i’ve been struggling slightly with the technology.

We are now CLOSED for entry and have a Final Entry number of 546. 36.4% of the possible entry, slightly disappointing but it will give us a good opportunity to have a good series for the first year at the new location and with myself.

We have 10 school pigeons from across the country.

I haven’t been able to upload the recent loft  list but the loft list was created on Thursday 16/05 and is 35 pigeons short of the entry number.

There is one which has being reported today in Bridlington which is 78 miles away, whether that is one of the 35 or whether that one has gone since Thursday i am unsure.

I Don’t think that is too bad considering that All 546 pigeons have ventured out the loft and there is probably somewhere between 350 and 400 bunched and flying well, the most recent intake pigeons are flitting around and every day more join the group.

i hope to update with a loft list on benzing at the end of week.