Final Race Marking

September 20th, 2023

Good evening,

Well, that’s the birds on the way to the final race, Alnwick.

Many thanks to the marking team – Trevor Booth & John Roper, Robin Turner and Graham Cliff who came to every race this year, and to Jonathan Dodd, a Vice President of the RPRA, who came to oversee the marking as every ring number was read out and checked. He has also gone with Duncan Cook to oversee the liberation.

Birds not marked as follows: GB23 V45201, C47383, A64813, N21669, C47382, N55300, Z03093, A90681, D18104; WHU2023 E12088, WHU2023 20076.

The weather looks great at Alnwick tomorrow – a moderate head wind, but we’ll let the sun come up and the morning warm up, and look to liberate at 08:00am. We’ll be looking at around 6 hours, depending on the wind, and it will be a tester.

Once again thanks for the continued support – I will update around 07:30am tomorrow morning.