Wednesday evening

August 23rd, 2023

Good Evening

What a great race today from Worksop. It was a pleasure to see them coming online in batches, one after another. A lot of work has gone into these, and it’s working with 90 percent return on day one, and more will work in tomorrow. It was not easy for them as it was a very light head wind or no wind, so will really tighten them up for race 3.

Congratulations to Blues Brothers – more info on them tomorrow. Then followed another 40 or so, only by seconds. Blues Brothers’ pigeon was 5th on the last race, and its on top of the Ace Pigeon – this will be updated again tomorrow, at the close of the race. See the present Ace Pigeon standings here.

Two brave pigeons just came virtually in the dark – great to see.

Will update tomorrow evening with the latest.