Grand Final Marked List

September 24th, 2022

Good Evening.

The forecast is looking very promising for a liberation between 8and 9am tomorrow.

The loft address if you are attending tomorrow is Pigeon House, Rye Street, Birtsmorton, Worcestershire, WR136AS.

The auction list of the Yearlings will be up next week looking to start on October the 5th.

There will be around 70 Yearlings to be auctioned which have been tested to the max as young birds in a fresh head wind from Alnwick then as Yearlings with the final race from Arbroath in testing head wind definitely the auction to wait for as it’s well known One Loft pigeons breed one loft pigeons.

We look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow someone is going to win 25k first prize and a fantastic prize of 8k to the Ace pigeon winner.

Grand Final Sennen Cove

Please find the marked list on Benzing live.

Birds not marked are as follows GB22 V16489 , Z04221 , V52705 , D19283 , D76633 , Z26502.

The birds are currently on there way to Sennen Cove and should be onsite before midnight.

We are hoping to get them liberated between 8 and 9am.

Will update in the morning with the latest news.