Grand Final Race News.

September 17th, 2022

Good Afternoon

The RPRA One Loft Grand Final Race Will Be Held From Sennen Cove 2022.

The race point is just a few hundred yards short of 200 miles but it will be even more of a challenge from the location of the race point itself.

The final race will take place on Sunday the 25th of September WEATHER PERMITTING , if the weather is not suitable on the appointed day then it will be the first day that the weather is suitable.

All will be welcome to join us at the lofts for the final race but we will need to know numbers for the barbecue etc.

Please text me your name and how many to 07739148679.

Everything fit to go will be trained this coming Tuesday and Wednesday weather permitting then loft flown there after and marked on Saturday afternoon.

Another 5 birds worked in yesterday from previous races but everything will be run over the pads on Tuesday after training so we can see what’s here.

Please enjoy your weekend and i will update again on Tuesday evening with the latest news.