Young Birds 2021 Final Race winner

September 28th, 2021

Many congratulations to the Young Birds 2021 Final Race winner, David Smith of Birkenhead.

He tells us: “I am a member of Wallasey HS with some good flyers that top the Fed every week, flying in the North Wirral Fed. I am a new flyer, and have only been racing for three years, and had a second club card each year as a new flyer. Breaking my novice status at this level in the One Loft Race is unbelievable.

“I need to give a big thank you to my friend Frank McNamara, who also flies in the North Wirral Fed, for breeding me this super ace fast pigeon. It was from his family of Luc Vervoort pigeons from Belgium, which has given him outstanding results.

“This was my first year in the One Loft Race, and I was introduced to it by my club members Ward & Cullen, Combine winners who have helped me so much and set me on the right path in the sport. They have also introduced me to some great fanciers at a high level: Frank McNamara, and Brian Crowe of Crowe & Worrall.

“Many thanks to all – especially to Frank for that ace bird. £25 big ones!!”