Final Race News 25/09/2021

September 25th, 2021

Good Evening

525 birds are on there way to Alnwick for the Grand Final of the Rpra One Loft Race a racing distance of 235 miles. Tomorrow it looks like it will be a testing race with South to SSW moderate winds forecast which will be a direct head wind so i would say they wont do much more than 40mph.

10 birds that were not marked as not fit to go and some arrived today and yesterday are as follows GB S15863 , Z11598 , B13341 , S18251 , D12357 , N67782 , C17987 , V10169 , L06807.

I hope many of you can join us tomorrow at the lofts and we look forward to seeing you all here.

I just want to thank everyone of you for the continued support which has been a long testing season for us all but we have to stick together and here hoping 2022 is the best ever.

Many of you have asked about the Yearling race for 2022 and if the return rate from the final race is good then yes were be running the Yearling races.

I want to say a big thank you to my loft assistant James you have never let me down and i thank you for that.

The One Loft Team at the office have done a grand job and the marking team and the Convoyers.

Tomorrow we are hoping to liberate from 08:30 onwards weather depending but will update in the morning regarding a time.

I just want to wish everyone the best of luck lets have a great race.

Photo below taken just before the birds left for Alnwick with team Left to right..

Cristian Voinea Assistant Convoyer / Duncan Cook Convoyer / Trevor Booth Marker / Ian Evans Rpra CEO / James Eggerton Loft Assistant / Robin Turner Marker / John Roper Marker.