Young Birds 2021 Final Race

September 24th, 2021

The RPRA One Loft Young Birds Final Race 2021 will take place on Sunday 26th September from Alnwick (235 miles, 898 yards).

You are welcome to attend the final at Pigeon House, Rye Street, Birtsmorton, Malvern, Worcestershire WR13 6AS.

There will be a marquee at the loft with seating outside. Light refreshments will be provided at the site free of charge.  A barbeque will be fired to provide beefburger and bacon baps at a small charge.

As per current government policy, there is no restriction on outdoor gatherings, but please always take a safe approach in gathering around other people. If you go into our marquee, you are asked to wear a face covering and keep a distance from others around you.

Good luck to all competitors.

For directions, please key WR13 6AS into your SatNav. Once your SatNav says you’ve reached your destination, you will still need to go a little bit further until you reach ‘Pigeon House’ on your right side. Please park in the designated parking area.