Update & Final Race News

September 17th, 2021

Good Evening.

Many congratulations to the prize winners from Richmond yesterday it was a good testing race with them liberated in ideal weather conditions into a west wind which on my drive back the wind turbines were showing wsw which pulled the leading pigeons to just over the 4hr mark which will harden them up for the final race from Alnwick.

The final race is planned for Sunday the 26th of September and i must stress weather permitting so don’t book hotels etc until we know the weather situation nearer the time.

The birds today went out for a light exercise period and then enjoyed a bath.

They will also go out tomorrow and Sunday.

The weather Monday is looking good so i plan to train everything that is fit to go on Monday and then i shall go from there but if the weather is good Tuesday or Wednesday may train.

I will leave the clock going until Sunday evening when i will give my next update.

If anyone has missed the Richmond liberation video please click the youtube link below.