Semi Final Race Update

September 15th, 2021

Good Evening

Please find marked list online on Benzing we got delayed with marking through fault of my own so a little behind now.

Birds not marked are as follows V06931 , SU1344 , X04761 , SU1350 , Z11029 , N47676 , H07880 , V22539 , S18251 , WHU C39351 , C33028 , GB C18022 , SU 436 , V19776 , B55415 , V41773 , B61727 , WHU C34464 , R27658 , L12833 , S21682 , B11006 , Z21201 , P29319.

I hope to leave by 10pm and be onsite around 3am.

I am looking to liberate at 9am but will keep you informed on social media.

Will update in the morning best of luck to one and all.