Tuesday Alnwick Race Report Update

June 15th, 2021

Good Evening

Well that’s the semi final over with from Alnwick Hot Spot 3.

I said before the race it was going to be a steady one with testing conditions moderate head wind and getting warm through the day.

I went for this day to really test them and to set them up for the final hurdle and if they went today or yesterday it would of been easier for them but no we went Sunday to give them a test and it turned out to be a good tester with birds working in until dark and the next day this will surly set them up now.

The winner a Blue Cock landing straight on the trap for Mr & Mrs Wardle to win 1st place.

In 2nd Place Anglesey Lofts only 6 seconds later with a L/C hen Anglesey lofts have been supporting us for many years and its pleasing to see them on the podium.

In 3rd place Chateau De Navarre this bird was put in by Nick Trippett and i think some other friends of his so well done.

In 4th place Joseph Nuciforo from Cornwall another great supporter of us for many years.

Then in 5th place the man i keep being asked about who is the NORTH MAN! with four positions in the top nine which at any standards is a great team performance so well done to North Man ” Alasdair Maclean “

After the 3 races we had so far leading to the Final the Ace Pigeon leader belongs to Rosegarth Lofts ” Roger Hiam ” Roger has been another long standing supporter and had success before when we ran the Yearlings races. In 2nd Ace its that name again North Man just a fraction in from of Big Stan in 3rd Ace.

See link below of the Ace leader board

BENZING One Loft Race

More news on the final will follow towards the end of the week but i can assure they will only be going when they are fit and the weather is good for them and that’s why we cannot set a date.

Please see a link below of the Alnwick liberation.

Picture of the winner below taken on the day calling the hens.

May be an image of pigeon and outdoors

Please see the Skyleader tracking link below of my old cock bird that’s liberated with the one loft and its very interesting the route taken but to me the best route.


Thank you to Richard Chambers for the help with this.

Top 10 below.

May be an image of text that says 'Rank Fancier and Mrs Wardle 2 Team Anglesey Lofts 3 Country Chateau 4 Navarre Pigeon GB20 R30469 Joseph Nuciforo 5 GB20 Arrival 13.06.202111:15:14.40 North Man 米 6 GB20 19625 Speed [y/min] 1252 4225 Cowley Bros Cirencester 11:15:20.4 - GB20 N43614 Man 8 13.06.202111:15:28.10 0433 GB20 S11499 North Man 13.06.2021 11:21:02.00 9 1251. 5571 2021 GB20 N25713 North Man 10 8303 GB20 Big Stan 13.06.2021 1230.4 153 GB20 S11488 229.9518 GB20 S11489 13.06.202 11:22:12.60 1227 9981 GB20 29022 11:26:06.60 11:29:36.00 1212.5121 200.2322'

Will update on Friday with the latest on the final etc.

That’s all for now.