Friday Evening Marked List Alnwick.

June 11th, 2021

Good Evening

Your find a marked list for Alnwick on Benzing Live.

110 birds have been marked and 13 birds that have not been marked are as follows GB20 D27534 cut leg but healing , N10190 returned today , B07781 grazed , S40755 late , V58602 late , P01206 late , P25873 late , H33104 reported in Monmouth from HS2 , H26076 late , D27534 late , WHU B23359 late , NWHU 4930 strained , SU 1137 cut taken out.

The birds are back in the loft and currently are taking baths in the aviary.

I will be leaving around lunchtime tomorrow and take a steady drive up stopping on-route to water and rest and should be up onsite around 9pm tomorrow night.

Its forecast to be clear weather wise so hoping to liberate 05:45 if weather allows.

Please keep an eye on Benzing for a liberation time and look out for youtube live running approx 4 hours after liberation.

Best of luck to One And All.