Friday Yearling Update

May 28th, 2021

Good Afternoon

What a long 48 hrs and a split race we had yesterday from Worksop.

The winners rocketed home in just under 2 hours and many congratulations to X-Men Return winning the race followed up by John Palmer in second place by a split second and Shane Gent in 3rd place five seconds after the winner.

When i arrived back to the lofts we had around 100 back at that point and after that it went very quite from that point so they definitely got into trouble on route and with 10 birds arriving before 7am this morning its certain what happened and they took to cover somewhere.

For Hot Spot Two we are going to a temporary site in Richmond more details to follow weather permitting Wednesday onwards next week and any that took a night out from Worksop will have to miss race 2 and go to race 3 once fully recovered or if we are delayed by the weather to early the following week they can go.

In the meantime the clock will be left running as i am sure more will work in.

Please see the liberation video below they grouped up and cleared straight online.

I will update on Monday evening regards to the latest on Hot Spot Two.