Sunday Update

May 2nd, 2021

Good Evening

I took the Yearlings late afternoon yesterday and released the hens first and 20 minutes later the cocks from 25 miles this did not go well as when i arrived back a hr later 3/4 quarters of the hens were back and no cocks which then i had to wait 20 minutes before a group of 30 odd came in that time the weather to went against us.

We now have 178 back from the 196 that i took which is gut wrenching that but to add to my dismay i did not set the clock correctly as being on my own yesterday it was to late to rectify by the time i arrived back at the lofts.

Tomorrow it looks like gales and rain in for the day but i will upload a loft list on Tuesday evening.

I will be back to the drawing board with them as its mostly gone against us with training so far.

Will update Tuesday evening.