Yearling Update

February 8th, 2021

Good Evening

Sorry i am a few days late updating its been very busy time this end for me and not just with the pigeons i might add.

The 215 yearlings are all fit and well, last week we started to break them out but then having a problem sparrow hawk around and she has been keen to have a go at them i decided to wait until i can be there full time with them while they are breaking out which won’t be until the 15th of February this is also when James my loft assistant will be around full time and they can get the full on guard treatment and our full attention.

The young birds will start to arrive on Wednesday the 17th they will stay in for 10 days or so by that time the Yearlings will be fully broken its only 40 yards from the YB loft and we have done this successfully before so everything will drop into place.

Once fully broken out the yearlings will exercise early mornings one hr each day before the YBS come off the dark system then come May they will exercise twice daily.

I will update in about 10 days time with the latest on the Yearlings or before and will do a little video of them,