Photo’s & Benzing Live

January 27th, 2021

Good Afternoon

I have not long finished the photo’s of all the Yearlings and also loading them onto benzing live.

Just click on the dropbox link for the photo’s then click on a picture and you will see the ring number at the top of each photo to which you can toggle through them.

We will use these photo’s for the Winners of the Hot Spots and the auction later in the year so its all done and dusted before they hit a moult and were busy with the YBS.

If you go onto the Benzing One loft website for the rpra one loft yearlings you can see the list of the 215 Yearling birds with the colour and sex added to them.

If you need anything changing with the syndicate names etc please contact the Reddings team to update that information first and then they will change on there data base and email me.

Tomorrow we are fitting the new trapping system on the Yearling loft and weather permitting next week will start breaking the team out which will take a bit of time but will be done by the time the YBS arrive.

Please click the dropbox link below.

Will update on the Yearlings again next week.