Friday Update

July 24th, 2020

Good Evening

Another long day for some i decided to move onto the 30 mile point as the birds are looking in good shape anyway liberated them and they broke into around 3 groups two groups cleared pretty well and another group got turned back i do think by a falcon as they were diving around as if in trouble i continued to watch and eventually they doubled back and cleared.

Many south road trainers are now in the Sky’s and with a head wind these one loft birds have to think for themselves and get there heads down as alot of bigger steps infront of them , most have dug deep and worked in but some still to come but we can’t wrap them up in cotton wool now with the work load ahead of them.

Were be back at the 30 mile point when the weather suits and domestic racing is out the way as looks like alot are racing Sunday now.

Have a great weekend will update on Sunday evening.