February 29th, 2020

Good Evening

We currently have 207 young birds in the loft’s with more arriving over the weekend.

The current birds are settling in very well and when the weather is on our side the first sections will go out.

Just to remind entrants to vaccinate for PMV at least 10 days before they arrive at the lofts as some have arrived at the lofts and only been done a day or a few days before.

Its best to vaccinate them at 25 days old and send them in at 35 days old.

Good news for a lot of you Yearlings racing is defiantly back for 2021 so after the final race you have a choice whether to send to auction or over to the Yearling loft which is set at 250 birds maximum for 2021.

Its £200 per pigeon with some fantastic prizes to be won , we will go alone with the final race in June 2021 with a final race 300 to 400 miles.

More details to follow up and this at a later date.