Final Race Day

September 13th, 2016

Just a quick note to say congratulations to all the winners. Its been tough conditions for them we had heavy thunder storms at the home end but the birds still made a great effort some may of gone round and some came through but that’s what made a champion pigeon today so well done Dr Srikrishnamurthy your pigeon came today to win it !!

The birds are in great condition arriving at dusk so I just know more will come tomorrow I will update the result around 11am.

Many thanks for many entrants travelling far and wide today they enjoyed some good banter at the lofts.

Duncan and Garbor did a superb job with the conveying it was a perfect liberation.

Must say a big thank you to Andy Cook and Greg Marshall from the NE these went out of there way early this morning getting line of flight checks for me and making many phone calls.


First ten birds back were as follows:

1 Dr. Srikrishnamurthy GB16 S25602 14:10:21.60
2 A Brewerton & Son GB16 C17314 14:14:18.00
3 Happyland GB16 P09336 14:14:34.80
4 Clampy & Smithy GB16 Z31150 14:14:49.65
5 Peter Ryder GB16 V12303 14:19:15.50
6 Tracker GB16 N90018 14:19:23.20
7 Aldridge Brothers GB16 C14525 14:19:35.65
8 Freeland Fighters GB16 N26016 14:19:41.50
9 Slimshady GB16 N16459 14:29:39.95
10 Team Islwyn WHU2016 T02863 14:29:59.20


There were 53 birds back by 3.10pm. Updates to follow.




The birds were liberated at 07:30 they cleared perfect into a very light SSE wind , the very best of luck to one and all.

Will upload the winners when possible I think they will be 5 hours 30 to 6 hours but you never know.


Good morning

The weather is looking good hoping to liberate at 07:30 will confirm asap after. Picture at 06:40