Malvern Maestros

November 9th, 2015

Robin TurnerSeen in the image right is Robin Turner who races in the syndicate Malvern Maestros. They came seventh in the One Loft Young Birds Final Race and Robin is very proud of the achievement.

He told us: “Congratulations to the winners of the final young bird RPRA One Loft race 2015. I would like to thank Jeremy and Julie for doing an excellent job with the young birds; they treat them like they are their own, and leave no stone unturned. Also thanks to Tony Drinkwater for the admin work for Malvern Maestros.

“The bird is Van Den Bosche lines. I don’t keep stock birds, just breed off my racers, and my birds seem to perform best on hard days. I always put a bird in the one loft which I feel is well reared so as it can stand up to the stresses in front of them. I am absolutely delighted how my bird performed. I was there when he returned, and it was a wonderful feeling.

“Thanks again Jeremy and Julie for doing a good job.”