September 8th, 2014

Good Evening

Please find updated race result online. Another super day at the lofts the weather could of not been better and the birds worked well in again until dark.

Thank you for the many phone calls , text messages and emails its been quite humbling listening , but to add to that its a team effort being backed up by my good lady Julie and our loft helper Gaby , we have a 4 man marking team which is lead by Ray Harris vice president of the rpra , Trevor Booth , John Roper and Robin Turner all who handle check the birds over on every race.

Mike Panting who has convoyed all the birds in the 6 yearling races and 5 young birds races I don’t think we could ask for anyone better who is dedicated in trying to give us the best races possible.

The Reddings staff who put a lot of time into the administration headed by Lyna Zang who took over from Tracy Griffin who has now left the Reddings.

This then is overseen by the FOS committee , as you can see its a big team effort to make the races happen at there best.

Its our 10th year and its been the best numbers back from the Yearlings and the Young Birds never have we had so many after a final race , sometimes you need that bit of lady luck but I was confident on marking day that the birds were at there best and they proved just that.  I am going to do a report on the Top 10 , Ace Pigeon , Two bird average , if you are one of those please could you email me as much information as possible on your pigeon plus a photo of you or syndicate to [email protected]

I am hoping Lyna will get the Ace pigeon , Two Bird Average and the pool results on tomorrow.

I will keep the clock going till Thursday and will update of anymore returns , after that I will then do a full loft list. Next week will start taking pictures of the Yearlings ready for auction sometime in October.

Will update tomorrow night.