After the racing season has ended, the remaining One Loft birds are put up for auction, with the proceeds shared equally between the owner and the RPRA Future of the Sport Committee.

The RPRA One Loft Race 2017 Young Bird auction is now running on the dedicated auction website until Sunday 22nd October.

Lots 001 to 100 – will finish at 6.00pm
Lots 101 to 200 – will finish at 6.30pm
Lots 201 to 300 – will finish at 7.00pm
Lots 301 to 400 – will finish at 7.30pm
Lots 401 to end – will finish at 8.00pm

The full detailed list of the birds being auctioned can be downloaded here. The lot numbers are determined by the birds’ finishing places in the Final Race. The final Ace Pigeon rankings can be seen here.

You will need to register on the site to be able to bid online – just follow the detailed instructions on the Home Page. (If you registered last year you will still need to re-register due to an update to the system.) Postal bids will also be accepted, and must be received at The Reddings by first post on Friday 20th October. By registering/bidding you agree to accept and abide by the Auction Rules.

If you have any questions please e-mail the auction support team at