April 5th, 2019

Good Evening A busy week at the lofts with now over 1400 birds in the lofts. The older birds have been out this week when the weather has not stopped play , the younger batches […]


April 2nd, 2019

Good Evening Its all go at the lofts now its a case of getting them out flying when the weather allows us to which we have managed to do so the last few days. The […]


March 29th, 2019

Good Evening Another beautiful day in Worcestershire. One very busy week with entrants arriving from all over the UK not long now and they will be all in so then we can concentrate with them […]

Tuesday 26th

March 26th, 2019

A Beautiful day in Worcestershire.. Four sections are now together with another joining them on Thursday these will then stay as one group.. Please see a little video below.. Will update Friday..


March 22nd, 2019

Good Evening A busy week at the lofts we have just over a 1000 birds currently in the lofts with more arriving over the weekend and next week don’t forget the lofts close the end […]


March 16th, 2019

Good Afternoon Very busy at the lofts with now 810 birds now with us , most of you would gather the birds have not been out for most of the week with the gale force […]

Tuesday 12th of March

March 12th, 2019

Good evening Two sections are together now and we managed to get them out yesterday for a couple of hours , the weather has been against us to get them out on a regular but […]


March 5th, 2019

Good Evening We managed to get the first section out today for a hour then called most back in with a few taking a flip around it took a while longer to get these back […]