Thursday Video’s

May 16th, 2019

  Good Evening Please see the two videos below , One of them is a facebook link but in future will stay with the Youtube links , things are coming along.. Will update again next […]


May 14th, 2019

Good Evening The Sunshine is back with us just what we all need , the birds are coming along well they are around the same stage as last years birds at this time of year […]


May 7th, 2019

Good Evening The weather has been pretty kind to us since my last update which really helps to get them flying now that they are all together next week will start shutting them out and […]


May 3rd, 2019

Good Evening Not to much to report since my video update but now all the birds are together and they will all exercise together as one unit will update on Tuesday with anymore news. Jeremy..


April 23rd, 2019

Good Evening Well we certainly have had some great weather on the birds which really brings them on they have enjoyed plenty of open lofts and flying but for the next week or so looks […]

Good Friday

April 19th, 2019

Good Evening Glorious day weather wise just what we want on the young birds they had a good few hrs out today enjoying the weather the batches are getting bigger and tighter with each week […]


April 16th, 2019

Good Evening Looks like we are set to having some warmer weather from tomorrow which will give everything a bit of a lift.. We have 8 sections now together so just 3 sections being kept […]


April 9th, 2019

Good Evening The last few days the weather has been a bit miserable but looking at the forecast it sets to improve from tomorrow so it means we can concentrate and getting the younger sections […]