March 16th, 2018

Good Evening Please see another little video below. It went well and we got them all back in. Will update on Tuesday. Have a great weekend. Jeremy.  


March 15th, 2018

Good Evening. Please note a printing error in the BHW it should say the birds to arrive at 35 to 45 days of age. Sorry for any confusion. Will give a little update tomorrow evening. […]


March 13th, 2018

Good Evening. Nice day weather wise but looking at the forecast it looks like going cold again next week. Section 7 & 8 are now out together section 9 will join them Thursday. Please see […]

Friday Update

March 9th, 2018

Good Evening Please find a little video below of a walk through of the current birds that are in the lofts. A polite reminder that some birds are arriving to young they really need to […]

Tuesday Update.

February 27th, 2018

Hi folks. As some of you know i have been feeling unwell after the flu I got a chest infection but with antibiotics I am on the mend but it really hit me for a […]