Molly and Nan do well

November 23rd, 2018

Dave Coles sent us this photo of Molly and Nan, from Taunton in Somerset, who took ninth place in the RPRA One Loft Final Race 2018.

Dave says: “Molly is 14 years old. They entered two birds in the One Loft, both Gaby Vandenabeeles, both flew well and got to the final race. Molly only likes one loft races and was a regular at the Somerset One Loft. She asked me [Dave – her uncle] if there were any young birds she could have for the RPRA One Loft. I said yes – two for you and Nan, and I will put in two. Let’s see who does best. Well, she did best. Good on you, Molly and Nan!

“We would like to thank the RPRA One Loft Team for all their good work, and a thanks to Ron Seldon for keeping us informed on how they were doing on the computer. Four birds entered – three left for auction; one lost at the final race. £756 prize and pools money won. Don’t spend it all, Molly and Nan.”